APC History

Although the Associated Presbyterian Churches only formed in 1989, it has a long history which may be traced back to the earliest Christian missionaries in Scotland. Since the 16th century Reformation the Scottish Presbyterian church has seen many divisions and unions.  The history of the APC may be traced through a series of divisions in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Those prior to 1989 led to the formation of the the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland and earlier the formation of the Free Church of Scotland. Consequently the APC enjoys a rich heritage of Christian ministry.

The APC exists to worship the Lord and make him known to all through the preaching of his word. It was formed so that fellowship could be enjoyed with believers from other Christian denominations and to allow members of the church freedom to make choices in their lives in keeping with the Lord’s teaching as found in Scripture.

Today the APC has a small number of congregations in Scotland and also one in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.