APC News Fall 2017

Highlights of our Fall 2017 Issue

One of the notable things about this issue is that there is a somewhat international flavour to it. We have a missions feature from Latvia, a new writer from the U.S.A. and we also have a gentleman from Singapore, Sam Poon, who is studying at Highland Theological College in Dingwall and who has written an article about a Scottish worthy – Samuel Rutherford. Brian Cosby’s article on the five solas of the Reformed faith helps us mark the occasion of the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s 95 theses. It is important that we all remember our godly heritage, and that we pass this on to the next generations.

Learning from Lord Mackay – Book Cover

Donald Macaskill has a review of a new book by Cameron Fraser which serves as a profile of one of our APC members, Lord Mackay. This book, called Learning from Lord Mackay, can be purchased on Amazon by all who are interested! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Learning-Lord-Mackay-Life-Kingdoms/dp/0995995311.

Finally, Catherine Mackenzie has an article on Katherine Luther, the wife of Martin Luther, who was a remarkable figure of the Reformation in her own right.

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APC News Fall 2017