APC News Summer 2017

Highlights of our Summer 2017 Issue

This issue sees the return of a previous writer – William Boekestein.

This time he is writing on a doctrine that some of you will definitely feel you have grown up with – Perseverance of the Saints. But often with these things we don’t really know as much as we think we do. William’s background in Reformed Theology and specifically The Canons of Dort should make this article something new and seasoned theologians will enjoy.

We are also printing John Ferguson’s final article on The Apostle’s Creed while introducing you to two new writers – Stephen Barton and Mary Louise Stone.

Along with the usual Sit Down With Spurgeon we’re also Relaxing with Ryle!

This time our Desert Islands Books castaway is Hugh Mackenzie from Tain and Fearn.

Click below to download the full magazine in PDF format.

APC NEWS july 2017 final