Rev. George MacAskill



George Macaskill was born in Glasgow and has a twin brother, Donald, who is the minister in the Dundee congregation of the APC. His parents moved to Inverness when he was nine years of age and he served a six-year apprenticeship as compositor in the printing trade. Along with his brother they started up their own printing business before becoming divinity students in the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland after graduating with a BA degree from the Open University. His first charge was in Dumbarton where he ministered for over eight years and then joined the new APC church which seceded in 1989 and then accepted a Call to the Stornoway congregation in the island of Lewis in 1993. He retired in June 2012, but still preaches on the mainland and in Lewis. He is married to Isobel and has two children, Anne who is married in Lewis with three girls and Rae who is single and an Environmental Health Officer in Aberdeen.