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APC News – Summer 2016

Issue Highlights In this edition we have a special guest contributor, Sinclair B. Ferguson, who has written “What Kind of Instrument are You?” We also have a Bible Study taken from Saint’s in Service which is a collection of eleven studies of Bible characters by Stewart and Marie Dinnen. This book is from the excellent Bible Study […]

Canadian Presbytery Report 2016 – Vancouver Congregation

Canadian Presbytery Report 2016 – Vancouver Congregation The past year has had its challenges, and will continue so through 2016.  We also see that throughout the church in the western world.  The words of Jeremiah (chp14 v19) seem to speak to us today as they did of old: Have you utterly rejected Judah?  Has your soul loathed Zion? […]

Scottish Presbytery Report 2016

Scottish Presbytery Report 2016 The year began under the chairmanship of the new Moderator, Rev Donald Macaskill.  There has been much to challenge us but also encourage us as we go forward as a Presbytery.  As the years go by we are grateful to the Lord for all who have given of their time and talents to […]