2004 Issues

December 2004
The Great Object of Life
God With Us
Mistakes and Risks

November 2004
Transformed Into The Same Image!
Tell Visitors Why They Need a Church Family
The Passage of Time

October 2004
A Bridge Over Troubled People
Out of Control?
Children in Church

Aug-Sep 2004
Don’t Forget Fornaci!
Do Not be Conformed to This World
Showers of Blessing

July 2004
Chosen to Praise God
APC Assembly 2004
Is there such a thing as a mountain top experience or revival?

May-June 2004
Whatever Happen to Sin?
The Story of Homecoming
How Great Are Your Works!

April 2004
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
Fearful Definitions
Are You a Real Servant?

March 2004
Revd Murray – 50 years of service
Report on his ministry

2003 Issues

December 2003
The Catholic Mystery
Moving Beyond If

November 2003
APC Conference 2003
The Salvation of a City

October 2003
Adding to our Faith
Apathetic About Truth

August/September 2003
Do we Want Revival?
Comfort and Desperation

July 2003
May/June 2003
April 2003
March 2003
January/February 2003