2009 Issues

January/February 2009    (cover)

Our Spiritual Roots(1)
Mars Hill or White House

March/April 2009
Our Spiritual Roots(2)
The Church and the Holy Trinity

May/June 2009    (cover)
Our Spiritual Roots(3)
Through Evil Report

July/August 2009    (cover)
Our Spiritual Roots(4)
Cherishing our Confessions and Catechisms

September/October 2009   (cover)
Joanna – a disciple of Jesus Christ
Caring for Congregations

November/December 2009   (cover)
The Dangers of the Virtual Church
These Brothers and Sisters of Mine

2008 Issues

January/February 2008    (cover)
The Character and Example of Simeon
Bearing Fruit

March/April 2008    (cover)
The Widow’s Offering
God Meant it For Good

May/June 2008    (cover)
The Holy Spirit
The Way of Salvation

September/October 2008    (cover)
Jonathan Edwards
True Worship

•  November/December 2008    (cover)
The Church and the Holy Trinity
Corporate Worship

2007 Issues

January/February 2007    (cover)
Visit to a Karen Refugee Camp
Good News for the New Year

March/April 2007    (cover)
Marks of a Good Preacher
Franco Maggiotto

May/June 2007    (cover)
Assembly 2007
Martin Luther………

July/August 2007  (cover)
Letter from a Prisoner in Zambia
Highland Year of Culture 2007

September/October 2007   (cover)
Ministering in Malawi and Mozambique
Semper Reformanda

November/December 2007   (cover)
A Visit to Thailand
The Holy Scriptures

2006 Issues

January/February 2006    (cover)
Days, Months, Years
Homosexuallity & The Bible

March/April 2006  (cover)
Outreach: Precursor to

May/June 2006  (cover)
The Book of Job

July/August 2006  (cover)
Paul’s Vision
Assembly Sermon

September/October 2006  (cover)
Dr Helen Roseveare
Christ’s Church is One

November/December 2006  (cover)
Holy Boldness!
Evangelism in Reformed Congregations

2005 Issues

January/February 2005
The Regions Beyond!
I Saw ‘Corpus Christi’

March/April 2005
Wells Blocked Up!
The Necessity of Creeds

May/June 2005
Filled with the Spirit!
Legalism v. Liberty

July/August 2005
Losing Rewards?
An Evangelist’s Confession

September/October 2005     (cover)
What Happens After Death?

November/December 2005
Hindrances to Evangelism in Reformed Congregations.